Welcome to Middlebury’s newest journal, a multi-media platform devoted to all things outdoor related. We believe in the creed of the campfire, the religion of rock, the pilgrimage of the trail and the meditation of the mountaintop. We are the stuff of stories and want your stories come alive in firelight. If Mother Nature is your Muse, then join us.

What are we looking for in a submission?

The Middlebury Fireside wants to hear about your outdoor adventures. Whether it was your disastrous first time on skies at the snow bowl or your impressive first ascent on your semester abroad, we want to hear about it!

The Fireside welcomes submissions of any sort, but pays particular attention to prose, poetry, visual art and photography. We are passionate about the power of storytelling and the primacy of nature to bring people of all backgrounds together.

Our ethos is Environment and Mother Nature our muse.

Articles will be published both online, and then in a Journal format in the spring. We want you to be able to express your passion for the outdoors any way you want to, so be creative! We’re always open to new ideas.

Send your submissions to:  fireside@middlebury.edu