Bluecat Screenplay Competition

The BlueCat Screenplay Competition, now in its 23rd year, is accepting submissions for its 2021 competition. BlueCat remains committed to the undiscovered writer and continues its tradition of providing written analysis on every script submitted. The Late Deadline is Sunday, December 13, 2020. All feature, pilot and short scripts submitted by December 13, 2020 will receive a written analysis and will be eligible for resubmission. All scripts submitted (Features, Pilots and Shorts) are eligible to win the Grand Prize of $5,000.

Emerging Pro Still and Motion Competition

Q: How do I enter?
A: On the competition portal nav bar, click “Enter Contest” to go to the entry page. Then click “Enter Stills” to enter still photographs or “Enter Motion” to submit a motion short. You will need to be logged in to your Digital Photo Pro account or your HD Video Pro account to enter. If you do not have an account, click here to register for your free account.

Q: How many photos or motion shorts can I enter?
A: For this contest, we allow two (2) photo submissions (each up to five photos each) and two (2) motion shorts submissions for a total of four (4) entries per person.

Q: When is the entry deadline?
A: All entries must be received by August 15, 2013.

Q: What are the eligibility requirements for this competition?
A: The Emerging Pro Still And Motion Competition is open to students who are currently enrolled at an accredited college or university and enrolled in a photography or filmmaking course, or to professional photographers or filmmakers with up to five years of professional experience. See Official Rules for complete details.

Q: I am not a resident of the United States. Can I enter this competition?
A: Unfortunately, this competition is only open to U.S. residents age 18 or older.

Q: What if I do not meet the eligibility requirements for this competition or do not otherwise qualify to enter?
A: We have various other photo contests across our sites that are open to all U.S. residents. Sign up for the DPP eNewsletter and the HDVP eNewsletter to stay updated on all the latest photo contests.

Q: I have lots of really good photos and motion shorts. Can I enter more than 2 photo submissions and more than 2 motion shorts?
A: No. Please limit submissions to 2 photo submissions and/or 2 motion shorts. Failure to follow the rules will disqualify you from the contest.

Q: Do I have to print or mail in my submissions on disc?
A: No. Please upload entries using the online entry form. Mailed submissions will not be accepted.

Q: Can I process my photos and motions shorts using Photoshop, Premiere or other software?
A: Yes.

Q: What are the prizes?
A: The First Prize Package includes:

Four Zeiss CP.2 lenses and transport case
Publication in the December 2013 issues of Digital Photo Pro and HD Video Pro magazines
Publication in the Digital Photo Pro Emerging Pro and HD Video Pro online galleries

Ten (10) Finalists will receive:

A one (1) year membership to the Adobe Creative Cloud
Publication in the December 2013 issues of Digital Photo Pro and HD Video Pro magazines
Publication in the Digital Photo Pro Emerging Pro and HD Video Pro online galleries

One People’s Choice Winner from each category will receive

Online publication of the winning photo or motion short in the Winners Gallery

Q: When will the finalists/winners be notified?
A: Potential finalists will be notified on or about August 22, 2013.

Q: When will the winners be announced?
A: The First Prize winner and finalists will be announced in late September 2013 and published in the December 2013 issues of Digital Photo Pro and HD Video Pro magazines.

Q: Can I pass the word on this competition to my friends, classmates, Facebook/Twitter followers, etc.?
A: Yes, please! The link to the competition portal is and

Q: I am an educational professional and would like promotional materials to distribute to my students. From whom can I request more information?
A: Please send an e-mail to and one of our marketing staff will get in touch with you right away.

Q: Not all of the photos and/or motion shorts I submitted are appearing in the gallery. Is there a reason why?
A: To avoid upload errors we recommend using alphanumeric characters to title your images. Please do not use apostrophes, ampersands or any other character symbol, as doing so may cause errors during uploading.

Additionally, each person’s submissions are subject to the approval of our editors. Photos and motion shorts may be removed due to objectionable content for other reasons at the sole discretion of our editors.

Q: When can I vote for the People’s Choice Awards?
A: The voting period for the People’s Choice Awards is August 21, 2013, through September 21, 2013.

Q: How do I vote during the People’s Choice Award Voting Period?
Step 1: Log in to your DPP or HDVP account or, if you don’t yet have an account, register for free.
Step 2: Check out the Finalists Gallery to see which images and/or motion shorts are eligible for your vote. The Finalists Gallery will be available online starting August 21, 2013.
Step 3: Vote! Simply click on any photo or motion short and rate it using the 5-star scale. Vote for as many as you’d like!

Q: When I try to enter online, I get an error message. What’s going on?
A: Double-check that the sizes of your images meet our upload requirements (for photos)or that the Vimeo link or video ID is correct (for motion shorts).

Often, if your first attempt at entering online isn’t successful, our system won’t let you enter again—it’s a way to prevent duplicate submissions. Try clearing your browser’s cache, cookies and even restarting your computer, and then go to the online entry page again.

Q: I’ve tried clearing my cache and cookies, and I even bought a new computer. The online entry form just isn’t working for me.
A: If all else fails, send us an e-mail at and in your e-mail, please indicate:

The name of the contest
Your username
The image ID # (if applicable)
The exact nature of your problem

Support your peers and faculty at VTIFF

The Film and Media Culture Department is proud to announce that two of our students and one faculty member will be screening films at the Vermont International Film Festival this weekend.

How The Cold Creeps by Brad Becker-Parton will be screening on Saturday, October 22nd at 8:30pm.

3rd of Life by Daniel Houghton will also be screening on Saturday, October 22nd at 8:30pm.

The Gun Show by Andrew Ackerman will be screening on Sunday, October 23rd at 7:00pm. Continue reading

Vermont International Film Festival – Sleepless in Burlington Student Film Competition

The Middlebury Film and Media Culture Department is putting together a team of students to compete in the “Sleepless in Burlington” 24 hour filmmaking competition as part of the Vermont International Film Festival.  We are looking for students that can fill multiple roles associated with the pre-production, production, and post-production process and we would like to invite you all to seek one of the five available team positions.

I am the official team advisor, but Chris Keathley and Daniel Houghton will help me build a team that can collaborate together for a couple of days without sleep to produce a spectacular video.  We are looking for students that are interested, available, and able in that order of importance. Continue reading

Green Living Project

Are you an Environmental Studies/Film and Media Culture double major?  Do you have a lot of free time?  Now that I have ruled out 99.9% of the students here at Middlebury I’d like to present an opportunity for a student film competition anyway.

The Green Living Project is hosting a Student Film Project that you should consider submitting work to.  For more information go to their website, but I’ve outlined the most important parts below because of that free time thing.

*It is free to enter (most of these contests, like college applications, are trying to steal away your parent’s hard earned money)

*It should be sustainability-related (think community development, renewable energy, sustainable travel and tourism, sustainable food, resource conservation, etc)

*It should be less than 5 minutes long

*It needs to be submitted by November 15th, 2011

If you do decide to enter please embed your finished video in the comments of this post.  If you need help doing so don’t hesitate to ask.