The College has recently acquired 35 acres off Seminary St Ext. in Middlebury for affordable housing development. This is scheduled to begin within the next 3-5 years and total approximately 100 units, to serve 300-400 people. It will be developed by Summit Properties from Burlington, VT and provide space for mixed-use development: College faculty and staff, as well as Middlebury-based workers, elderly and families will be able to reserve units. The timeline has yet to be defined: 3-5 years is an estimate between now and first dig.

Addison County’s homeless population totals approximately 90 people. Based on conversations with members of the Charter House in Middlebury, this number seems to be growing. The homeless are often excluded from affordable housing developments due to insufficient means of indentification. The College’s land acquisition throws into question these inequities. A film which documents, analyzes and portrays this story may be valuable in Middlebury’s future decision-making around affordable housing development in our town.

Project title: TOWN=HOME

Project heading: Architecture Thesis, HARC0701

Project goal: Document the daily and life stories of homeless people in Middlebury, VT, within the context of Vermont’s housing crisis. Project audience: Middlebury College, Middlebury townspeople, Vermont housing authorities.

Project timeline: Undefined. Sooner the better. Compensation: Undefined. Architecture department may issue funds.

Experience: Documentary, interview-format short-film, social justice oriented.

Please contact if interested.

I can be found at the architecture studio, 75 Shannon St, Middlebury, VT. 

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