Lilliput 24″ 4K Studio Monitor

Introducing the new 24″ 4K Studio Monitor. The best part about this new toy/tool is that it will live in the production studio and will be all set up and ready to use complete with wheeled stand, sandbag, HDMI and 12G-SDI cables, and power cable.

Who can use it?

Anyone working in the studio

How do I use it?

Plug either the HDMI or SDI cable into the back of your camera, make sure your camera is ready to output via that cable (Menu -> Arrow Up/Arrow Down Icon -> Rec Set -> Output -> HDMI or SDI), Confirm that the cable is plugged into the studio monitor (SDI input 1 and/or HDMI input 1), make sure the studio monitor is plugged in to power (V-mount or wall), make sure the power switch is toggled appropriately (V-mount/Off/DC Power), select the corresponding input button on the front of the studio monitor.

How do I use it Safely?

Always have a sandbag(s) on the wheeled stand so it doesn’t tip over. Always hold the monitor before repositioning the monitor mount by either panning it or tilting it to a new position. Always protect the beautiful 4K screen by facing it toward the wall when not in use and by keeping your grubby fingers off of it (it is not a touchscreen). Make sure that there’s no tension on the cables (HDMI, SDI, and Power) and that they are clean and are not tripping hazards.

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