Feminist Pedagogy Workshop

This month-long workshop is hosted by the Program in Gender, Sexuality and Feminist Studies (as it will be known once the name change is approved).  The program and its curriculum has been revamped and this workshop is designed to help us think through how our courses, individually and collectively, address the aims of the new major.  Thus, our focus will be on working through individual syllabi.

Here are the requirements for the new major (new requirements are in red):

  1. SOAN/GSFS 0191
  2. One introductory course from the humanities such as GSFS 0102, GSFS 0234, or one approved by the director.
  3. GSFS 0200
  4. GSFS 0320 — Feminist Theory
  5. Two courses to fulfill the Breadth requirements (see below)
  6. Three electives, one of which must be at the 0300-level or higher and one that must be at the 0400-level or higher
  7. Senior Work (one-semester senior essay or three-semester thesis)

Breadth requirements (2 courses)

To ensure that students are conversant with and have some in-depth knowledge of the key concerns animating the field, they must take at least one course each from two of three breadth requirements.

  • Intersectionality/Critical Race
  • Critical Sexuality Studies
  • National/Transnational Contexts

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