Additional Resources

This space is devoted to additional resources that may guide us in our curricular transformation project.

1.  For a very broad overview of feminist pedagogy, especially some assignments, here is a graduate student’s understanding of the issue.

2.  Signs essay on feminist classroom practices.

3.  Links to a number of sources by Penny Welch, including some materials from the UK

4.  Information Literacy in the feminist classroom.

5.  Digital Humanities Project

6. NITLE seminar on Women’s Studies, Gender Studies and Digital Humanities (on January 16, 2013 1-2 pm).

7.  Using Twitter to teach feminist theory

8.  Examples of youtube exercises.

9.  A blog with a number of examples of technology in the feminist classroom.

10.  Assignments in visual culture.

11.  There’s also Ms. magazine’s clearinghouse of resources.

12.  Assignments for introductory courses.

13. A recent essay on how to include and not include trans issues in the classroom.


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