Annual Faculty Salary Process

Dear colleagues,

It is time again to solicit information from you about your professional accomplishments from this past year, to inform the process of determining faculty salaries.  Please find a copy of the “Annual Information for Faculty Salaries” form attached to this email.  We request that you complete the form and send it electronically to the Office of the Provost by February 1.  Also be sure to send your form to your chair.  Before submitting your form, we ask that you name the document with your own name (e.g., Davis_James_Calvin_Annual Faculty Salary Form 2012).  Please keep in mind that you should report on accomplishments from the calendar year 2011 only.

As you are working on your form, we will be scheduling meetings with the Provost for each department chair (and directors of programs with designated faculty).  These meetings, which will take place in March, give chairs and directors a chance to discuss their colleagues’ accomplishments with Alison.  Chairs and directors should expect a separate email inviting them to sign up for such a meeting shortly.

Thanks for your work on the form and your dedication to the process.  Alison looks forward to hearing about the very good work our faculty has done this past year.

LastName_FirstName_Annual Faculty Salary Form 2012

Take care,
James Calvin Davis
Assistant Provost & Associate Professor of Religion
Middlebury College
Old Chapel 203 / Munroe Hall 103
Middlebury, VT 05753

802.443.3221 /

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