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Issues with Required Fields

After the latest upgrade to cFormsII we noticed that most of the “required” fields on our forms are not being validated. This means that it is possible to submit an incomplete form.

This situation is especially troublesome because many users click the ENTER key on their keyboard while filling out the form and don’t realize that this will cause the form to be submitted, as if they clicked the SUBMIT button on the form.

A new version of cFormsII is being tested, so hopefully this situation will be resolved soon.

We regret any inconvenience this may cause.

New OnLine Forms

Many of you may be familiar with the online forms that we had for requesting vehicle rentals, fax/copier paper, and service requests. Well… times are changing. Check out our new online forms!

Form Old (delete outdated favorites/bookmarks)
Vehicle Rental
Fax/Copier Paper
Service Request
Staff Office Move
Delivery Request

NOTE: The old versions are no longer available.

Let us know what you think–comments and suggestions are welcome.