Getting Started

How to find eTextbooks

URL links to each eTextbook are now available in the Course Hub (go/hub) on the right-hand side under Resources.

How to view eTextbooks

Etextbooks are viewable through an e-reader called Courseload, which works on just about every device with a browser including most of those that run Windows, MacOS, iOS, or Android. The e-reader is available both online and offline, so that students and faculty can access their etexts even when their devices are not connected to the Internet.

How to annotate, share, discuss…

The Courseload e-reader allows faculty and students not only to read the etexts, but also to annotate them, to highlight passages, and to share annotations with fellow students and with faculty.

Other options

In case a student wants to keep a copy of an eTextbook for future use, a complete printed version may be purchased for approximately $20. A request for a print copy can be made through Courseload. The print-ordered copy is a 3-hole punch, laser print quality version.

More help

Courseload has put together a series of online tutorials for faculty. If you prefer a self-paced, visual introduction to the Courseload e-Reader, try their tutorials collection: Courseload Instructor Training.

We also have a Q&A page here.


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