Below is a current list of e-textbook pilot courses. For a complete list of faculty, courses, and proposed textbooks please click here. We hope to have confirmation from McGraw-Hill of our confirmed titles by lat July or early August.

BIOL 201 (Invertebrate Biology)
ECON 155 (Intro Microeconomics)
ECON 150 (Into Macroeconomics)
ECON 211 (Regression Analysis)
ECON 362 (Public Finance)
ECON 255 (Micro Theory)
ECON 275 (Urban Economics)
ECON 316 (Corporate Finance and Accounting)
ECON 480 (Labor Economics)
GRMN 101 (Beginning German)
MUS 234 (Music in World Cultures)
MUS 259 (Musicianship)
PHIL 206 (Contemporary Moral Issues)
PSYCH 225 (Child Development)
PSYCH 216 (Adolescence )
SOAN 212 (Family in Contemporary Society)
THEA 119 (Fall Production Studio: Design)


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