Project Statement Archive

Spring 2022
section A: Climate Vulnerability and Environmental Preparedness in Vermont
section B:  Seeking Justice in Vermont’s Built Environment
Fall 2021
section A – Shifting baselines on a changing planet: a collaborative past and future ecology of Vermont
section B – Climate Action, Resilience and Change in Vermont
Spring 2021
section A – The PFAS Problem: Where are we and where do we go from here?
section B – Pursuing a Just and Sustainable Energy Transition


Fall 2020
Beyond Equity: Justice in (and for) the Future of Vermont

Spring 2020
section A – Revisioning Sustainability, Access and Equity in Vermont’s Forests
section B – Sustainable Transportation: Access, Participation, & Independence
Fall 2019
Landscape Level Conservation in the Center-West Ecoregion
Spring 2019
section A – Future of the Northern Forests
section B – Vision for Vermont Collaboration
Fall 2018 – Theories of Change
Spring 2017
section A – Energy & Equity in Vermont
section B – Designing a Model Landscape for Achieving Multiple Values
Fall 2016 – A Holistic Exploration of Vermont’s Dairy Industry
Spring 2016
section A – Communicating Environmental Issues: Using the Arts for Education, Inspiration and Engagement
section B – Food Systems and Sustainability
Fall 2015 – Vermont’s Energy and  Carbon Future
Spring 2015 – Radon and Environmental Health
Fall 2014
section A – Opportunities for Reducing Lead Exposure in Vermont
section B – The Costs of Climate Change and the Pursuit of Well-Being
Spring 2014
section A – Sustainable Transportation
section B – Innovation in Rutland
Fall 2013 – Imagining our Environmental Future
Spring 2013 – Transboundary Issues In Sustainability
Fall 2012 – Sustainable Transportation
Spring 2012 – After Irene: Management, Policy, and Adaptation