ENVS 0401 student research team featured in “Vermont Food Systems News”

Farm to Plate Network Highlight 

Energy Cross-Cutting Team

The Farm to Plate Energy Cross-Cutting Team explores and promotes strategies related to the expansion of on-farm energy production (e.g., bioenergy, solar, wind) as well as the deployment of energy efficiency improvements for farms and food system businesses. Energy specialists interested in the intersection of both energy efficiency and renewables within the food system participate on the team and are nearing completion of the Energy section of the Farm to Plate Strategic Plan. Members of the team provided edits and reviews of the 2016 Vermont Comprehensive Energy Plan, released last fall.

The Energy Cross-cutting Team recently met with visitors from France who work in various roles within the agriculture energy sector, including the French Ministry of the Environment, the French World Wildlife Fund’s Department of Food and Agriculture, and the European Economic and Social Committee. Energy Cross-cutting Team members shared Vermont’s work towards reaching the Farm to Plate Efficiency and Renewable Energy goal to minimize the use of fossil fuel and maximize the opportunities for renewable energy, energy efficiency, and conservation opportunities in the food system.

The members of the Energy Cross-cutting Team are also working with Middlebury College students to research carbon tax implications on Vermont’s maple industry and alternative fuel heating options to extend the greenhouse season in Vermont.

JJ Vandette of Efficiency Vermont chairs the Energy Cross-cutting Team and energy specialists interested in joining or who want to learn more are encouraged to contact JJ at jvandette@veic.org, 802-540-7915.