Most of our weekly events take place on Tuesday evenings from 8pm-9pm in Stewart and Hepburn lounges. Please sign up here to ensure we have enough supplies for everyone!

Week 1: Outdoor Gear Room and Snowshoeing

Week 2: Environmentally Friendly Cooking – Mug Cakes

Week 3: Gardening- DIY Herb Gardens

Week 4: Compost- Pudding Dirt Cups

Week 5: Going Green – Tiny Terrariums


Week 7: Hygiene- Clay Face Masks and Laundry

Week 8: Nature Documentary Movie Night

Week 9: Paint Night!

Week 10: No Waste Earth Week- Spin Class and Earth Day Stroll

Week 11: Coffee Class Chat ( course registration week!)

Week 12: Art and Nature- Journaling and Painting

Week 13: Pizza at the Knoll!!!!!!