Blog Assignment #5- D. Scott

Dwayne Scott                                                                                                                        4-7-14

Momento: Step Outline (First Hour)


(Momento is possibly the toughest movie to create a step outside for. It is tough to determine what order the sequence of events are playing in.)

  1. Man killing another man and taking a picture of it (in reverse).
  2. Character Meets a man who gets in the car, his window is broken. They are heading to a rusted up building because he has a lead on it.
  3. The man he is with, teddy’s, picture comes out of main character’s pocket telling him to kill him. Kills man, in regular motion.
  4. Leonard, the main character, has a conversation with a guy at a credit window, telling him to look out for teddy and don’t hold his call for teddy. Until it zips back to room with him explaining how to take care of his short term memory loss.
  5. The name Sammy Jankin is marked into his skin, he places his received a package from Natalie.
  6. He discovers that Teddy is the man who raped and murdered his wife.
  7. It takes us back through the moments leading up to the murder (leonard kill teddy)
  8. Leonard on way to see Naatalie. Brings us back to how he gets the envelope on john G.
  9. Zips back to lunch with teddy, to looking for his key, to lunch with Natalie.
  10. Sammy Jankin was a case where a man lost his memory, Leonard studied this case called anterograde amnesia. Sammy seemed like he remembered Leonard.
  11. Back to Natalie’s bed. She said she is helping him because he helped her. Says he will not remember her next time he sees her. She says she thinks he will and kisses him. He walks out in the morning and teddy jumps on the hood of his car.
  12. On the phone (in present), Leonard talks about how one can learn to conditioning not by memory but by instinct.
  13. Shows when he enters Natalie’s house. Focuses on a picture of a man tied up and bleeding, Dod, who hit her… Natalie lost her husband to a “teddy”, says she’ll help him find john g.
  14. The Sammy study didn’t work. The condition was not physical but psychological.
  15. Leonard didn’t kill Dod, had him tied up and beaten. Teddy shows up and brings him to Natalie’s house.
  16. Leonard is sitting in an apartment and decides to take a shower. Dod walks in, a fight breaks out, Leonard ties Dod up takes his gun and calls teddy.
  17. Study proved you can’t torture a man into remembering.
  18. Dod pulls up to Leonard on the road and starts shooting at him.

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