The Usual Suspects–Blog 3


the_usual_suspects011024Enter all protagonists into what looks to be a basement of a jail. It is dark, the bars of holding cells are reflected on the floor. One character seems to have a club foot and you can hear it sliding along the linoleum floor. The characters enter a line-up room, first in shadow, then a bright light is turned on quickly. You hear a buzz of an intercom and someone begins to speak. You are apse to see how small the line-up room is, it seems more like a box. You can hear the sound of lights buzzing, and the hum of the intercom.

Based on the scenery, you can tell this is supposed to be a serious scene. The silence and heavy presence of diagetic sound, keeps the viewer on edge, you are waiting for something to happen, and paying very close attention. The bright light, and confined space of the room also helps to do this.

Kevin Spacey does a beautiful job throughout the movie, and this is the first scene I think you begin to see it. He keeps the scene interesting. Most of the diagetic sound is coming from his body movements alone. He also creates interesting shadow because of how he chooses to position his body.

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