After The Dap (Ghazal)- Dwayne Scott

Dwayne Scott                                                                                                                           3/14/14
Professor Van Jordan: Cinematic Movement

After The Dap


Rhyming isosceles they point after the dap.
And non-camaraderies conjoin after the dap.


From Rastas to swastikas to profits and agnostics,
All watch in aww no laws master the dap.


Street fights erupt between young teens and some think
That their friendship’s the shit after the dap.


No words spoken still a heart to heart moment-
The pressure of the chests’ connection after the dap.


The tan race is a fan base for handshakes.
Paparazzi paid in full capture the dap.


Through handshakes a real man detects fake.
You can tell he hates by the way he fastens the dap.


Business deals still concealed under the table,
Makes it hard to look a man in his eyes after the dap.


Crack sky rockets to push profit to thy pocket-
Government’s fatal exchange after the dap.


The misconception: you can snap tension with your tendons,
But you never know a man exact after the dap.


A man can judge another man’s clutch and reach a verdict.
No satisfaction means he’s wack after the dap.


A dry palm and a ripe clap and a snap
Makes a white kid think he’s black after the dap.


Now you’re probably thinking that you know D. Scott,
That’s the aftermath of being black after the dap.



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