Blog Post #1- D. Scott

Dwayne Scott                                                                                                                                     2-20-14

The Skeleton Key- Blog 1


The Skeleton Key was a very stressful movie for me to watch. It satisfied all of the typical scary movie tactics. Little ditsy white woman hears a noise in the creepiest environment possible and goes towards it. The decisions made in this film were irrational and non-relatable, as are most thrillers. And the actions just lacked common believability. It was just a typical thriller with a minor twist at the end, but the typicality of it throws it in with the rest. Why do all thriller protagonists have to be nosy? With The Skeleton Key, I believe it’s just another case of curiosity killed the cat.

The movie’s main character Caroline Ellis, played by Kate Hudson, is a freaking dweeb. I don’t know how she survived as long as she did. She went poking her head in just about all the wrong parts of her patient’s home. And the crazy thing about it is that, most of it was none of her business. Now, I understand that in order for a movie to be striking and compelling it must create tensions within its viewer to symbolize the power it has over those who watch it; but the only reason I’m feeling conflicted is because I had to sit down and actually finish the movie! If this was not a group assignment I would have tossed the disc once Carline Ellis started snooping around for no cohesive reason. Ellis remained determined to unveil the voodoo vex in her client’s household and took it upon herself to do so. She used the skeleton key given to her by her client’s wife in order to access rooms in the house that the home’s owner clearly didn’t want to be accessed. The incredible part of this movie’s irrationality is that this woman, Caroline Ellis, built up this mass amount of nosiness within days of working in the home. Even after a partially paralyzed and mute old man gripped her arm with extreme force in an attempt to warn her of the dangers, she inexplicably summons up an illogical amount of courage and persists to scavenge alone for answers. This constant snooping undoubtedly pissed off the home’s tenants, who were looking to extract her soul from her body, and only expedited her death. This is a common case of curiosity killed the cat.

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