A Great Lakes Adventure

I was recently accepted to a UNOLS Chief Scientist Training program on the Great Lakes. We’ll be on board the R/V Blue Heron, and our transit will take us from Milwaukee, WI to Duluth, MN. That’s approximately 800 miles in 4 days! This doesn’t leave much time for sampling, but we’ll make the best use of the time we have. My focus for this research cruise is to investigate sulfate-reducing bacteria, as well as bacteria that mediate mercury-methylation, in sediments in both Lake Michigan and Lake Superior. My colleagues on this cruise will investigate a number of interesting topics, including: greenhouse gas flux from surface waters, acoustic pollution, and cyanobacteria populations and dynamics. Stay tuned for pictures and details when the cruise commences on June 26, 2016!


Approximate Cruise Track in Red (Google Earth)

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