Dylan – Baltimore – (410)

Today we started off the morning with some tracks from the rotation shelf before delving into Baltimore with Dylan ’16.

Scroll down for music and chatter.

The Baltimore Skyline and Inner Harbor at Night

“The Great Fire” – Future Islands

  • Baltimore has a thriving music scene that encourages young people to engage with and create art.
  • Dylan grew up in a neighborhood called Hamilton.
  • There is actually a body of water named Prettyboy in Maryland.

“Diagonally Talking Echo – Dustin Wong

  • Dylan has five sisters. One of them, Bella, is moving to Chicago to today.
  • Despite a strong independent school culture, Baltimore’s public schools, according to Dylan, remain underserved. Dylan, citing her inspirational kindergarten educator mom and high school English teacher, envisions herself becoming a teacher.

“Prettyboy” – Dan Deacon

  • Baseball season starts soon. Dylan is an Orioles fans. Watch out Yankees and Red Sox.
  • Baltimoreans, not Baltimorons. Got it?
  • If Dylan sees you wearing an Orioles shirt and enthusiastically says hi, you shouldn’t leave her hanging.

“Supers” – NARCstudies

  • There’s an abandoned warehouse in Baltimore with pink and pastel-colored puff balls. Dylan says it looks like someone vomited color all over its exposed-brick walls. Can someone verify?
  • Dylan’s interested in narrative journalism and wants to secure a MiddChallenge grant to tell the stories of people in her city. Help her make it happen!

Next week: we’ll at least have New York.