Boone – Greater Portland Area – (541) & Kiya – Manhattan, New York – (917)

Today we took a trip to Oregon and New York. Scroll below for music and chatter.

Boone ’16

“Sympathique” – Pink Martini

  • Boone grew up with music often being played in his home

“Furr” – Blitzen Trapper

  • Boone spent most his time as a 15 year-old among the tall trees and under the grey skies of Oregon

“So American” – Portugal. The Man

  • Boone’s father can tell you a lot about music

“Ships in the Night” – Mat Kearney

  • Like Mat Kearney, Boone also left Oregon. But he’ll always have a place in his heart for the Pacific Northwest

Kiya ‘13.5

“In the Flesh” – Blondie

  • Kiya grew up in Manhattan’s Lower East Side, which is a neighborhood of many layers
  • Kiya attended a progressive high school

“Thorn in My Side” – Quicksand

  • Kiya’s father plays bass for Quicksand
  • Kiya cannot stay awake during a Pink Floyd song

“The Luckiest Guy on the Lower East Side” – The Magnetic Fields

  • Kiya grew up with her aunts, whom she considers her siblings

“L. E. S. Artistes” – Santigold

  • Kiya would like to be a scientific journalist

Until next week. We might go global.