Welcome to Distance MUN

Dear Students and Advisors,

Middlebury College Model United Nations (MiddMUN) is proud to begin running Distance MUN, a free virtual Model United Nations program for high school students, in fall of 2020. 

MiddMUN was slated to host our rescheduled Model United Nations conference MiddMUNC (which was originally cancelled due to COVID-19) during the 2020-21 academic year but, due to continuing public health concerns and social distancing orders, we will be unable to offer any in-person programming for high school students. Given these conditions, our team challenged itself to find a way to continue to engage with local high schools and fulfill the original mission of our high school Model United Nations conference: making Model UN accessible to high school students in Vermont. Distance MUN takes that mission further, providing students the opportunity to engage in Model UN during a time where in-person conferences cannot occur. It is our hope that by providing programming online, students interested in Model UN will be able to continue their extracurricular engagement despite local restrictions on travel and large gatherings.

Distance MUN offers high school students the opportunity to engage in committee sessions and/or Model UN lessons either with their Model UN team at high school or as a part of a cohort made up of students from multiple schools. Each of the three programs offered (Single Committee Sessions, Single MUN Lessons, and On-Going Themed MUN Programming) provide students the opportunity to engage with Model UN in the manner that best suits their interests and needs. Whether you are a seasoned delegate or excited to begin Model UN for the first time, Distance MUN will provide you the ability to engage with an activity that has meant so much to our whole team.

We are beyond excited to begin working with all of you this year and encourage you to reach out to the Director of Distance MUN Suria Vanrajah at svanrajah@middlebury.edu with any questions you might have.


Middlebury Model United Nations- Distance MUN Directorate 

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