march 12 (last day for a while)

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xtra special broken spring edition:

tomorrow will be the last day we’ll be able to share the same physical space together for a while, at the very least. i hope we can make use of conditions that, up until recently, we took for granted, but now seem like a special privilege. while there are “official readings” that you are more than welcome to read (i know i will!), i would like to start our class by discussing the main/most interesting/compelling/important ideas each of us has learned during the semester so far. you are free to give this thought beforehand, but there’s no need to. but come prepared to first write and then talk about it with the rest of us.

march 10

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march 5

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extra stuff you will never read is below…

feb 27

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feb 20

Java wearing his Fitbit tracking device, showing that he has taken 7,971 steps today. No wonder he's tired!
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more self! more control! think about this (among other things): what is the relationship between this quantified self and the selfie self? is this also a performance? is it more real? (how) do they relate?

  • deborah lupton (from last week’s digital sociology book, but this is the field where she is the true leader in study), the quantified self (2018)
    • chapter 1 (this is a history/overview of the tech. you can skip this is you like, but it’s here as a reference in case you want/need/desire it)
    • chapter 2 (chapter 2 is theory, and it is a slightly more in-depth take on things than we say in her book last week, so there’s no reason to revisit this in a new reading — so if you want a refresher, go back to that text, and i won’t even pretend there’s a chance you will read this additional stuff, so i won’t include it.)
    • chapter 3
    • chapter 5

feb 18

self, selfie, selfie, selfie, self.

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  1. cambre&lavrence, “how else would you take a photo? #selfieambivalence
  2. warfield, “mirrorcameraroom: the gendered multi-instabilities of the selfie” [[a slightly more straightforward version of her thinking can be found here, if you want to read. if you want to watch/listen to her give a 40minute presentation on why selfies are great, you can watch here. the operative word is “can.”]]
  3. kaufman, “a sociological snapshot of selfies” (this is an informal blog post, but can be useful for those new to the sociology game, in giving more insight into what’s useful about the sociological perspective)

ALSO ALSO ALSO: take a selfie and send it to me, me, me! do it before class tuesday by 1230pm. thanks thanks thanks.