William Frazier

William Frazier '19
William Frazier ’19

William Frazier is a Computer Science major in the class of 2019. He was born and grew up in Huntington, West Virginia. He has two older brothers: Dru and Sam. He is also studying Math and Arabic and spent Spring semester 2018 in Amman, Jordan. He enjoys playing tennis and snowboarding and reading. He doesn’t know what he wants to do after graduation but is thinking he might go to graduate school. He hopes to get more experience with WordPress and Photoshop while he works as Digital Media Tutor.

One project Will will be working on during the summer of 2018 is to create a VR world and explore the Unity engine. This project will be worked on under Joe Antonioli and Peter Hamlin, and I will be working with Sol as a second DMT on the project. Long term, Professor Hamlin wants to create VR concert halls and allow his students to experiment with how their music reflects off the walls. He has no intention of finishing that this summer so we will mainly be focused on experimenting with the platform so he can see new techniques and possible avenues to explore for his goal.