Veronica Estudillo Velasco

Veronica-2Veronica is a rising sophomore at Middlebury College and has worked as a DMT since the summer of 2016. She is majoring in Economics and Computer Science and is currently working as the Director of Marketing and Recruitment at 180 Degrees Consulting, where she monitors and manages several social media platforms. Through her experiences at the Digital Media Lab, she hopes to combine her passions of economics and technology using the multitude of resources and opportunities that digital media has to offer.

Here’s a testimonial about Veronica’s work from Carrie Macfarlane, our Director of Research and Instruction in the Davis Family Library:

“Just a note to share a big ‘thanks’ with Veronica for helping me with my first-year seminar library workshop. She helped me during the class by checking students’ work, which was great. More importantly to me, though, was her feedback. She stayed after to talk about how it went and how it might be improved the next time. She saw things that I hadn’t seen, and she compared what we did today with what we did in her first-year seminar (ironically, one that I led last year!). Because of her comments, I’m rethinking the way I’ll do the next workshop, and I’m confident that the changes will be worthwhile.

I told Veronica that I hope to be lucky enough to work with her again.”

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