Caleb Turner

caleb-bio-picCaleb Turner is a Junior with a double major in History and Religion, and began work as a Digital Media Tutor during the fall of 2016. Caleb finds digital media software tools and technology not only interesting, but also crucial in order to be a global citizen in this day and age. Caleb also wants to increase his digital literacy in Adobe and other software of the like. Caleb admires the ability that both the digital world and the media have to communicate with people of all traits and characteristics, and thus he feels that being able to communicate digitally with people all across the globe is a great asset to have with an education in Global Studies. With Caleb’s interest in journalism, digital software such as Adobe video editing software were used in some of his video’s involving interviews with professors on current events, thus granting him his first exposure to media technology. As someone who aspires to be an international journalist, using video-editing and page-editing software is crucial in getting information across to people. In his spare time, Caleb loves to work on his cartography, geography skills, and learning foreign languages.

During Summer 2018, Caleb is working on two projects. One involves developing a digital platform that illustrates the travels of Solomon Northup, possibly through Adobe Flash, as well as a WordPress site for a First Year Seminar. The second project involves creating visuals for a documentary including logos and flyers.


Caleb’s Projects

Event Poster: A Resume of Failures