Kristin Richards ’17


Kristin Richards graduated with a degree in computer science major in the spring of 2017. She worked as a DMT since the summer ’14 and became quite adept at many different types of software, her personal favorite being Illustrator. She also developed a lot of skill in web development and design using HTML and CSS. She has always gravitated towards clean, simple and minimalist designs in most of her projects, but often loves to jump outside of those confines too!

Her biggest passions are computer systems and diversifying the field of computer science and design!

Her goals for the future are in to work with operating and security systems, while never losing her passion for designing, whether in web design or in illustrator!

In the Summer she and a fellow CS major will be running a Robotics Summer camp for middle school aged girls! If you’re interested get more information here at the STEAM Girls site.

Kristin’s Projects