Russian for Everybody Site

This project was initiated and completed in Summer 2017. I was asked to make a playlist of Russian instructional mp3 audio files in Panopto and then embed the link in a WordPress site that is open to the whole world.

I first created a folder in Panopto called “Russian for Everybody” and then under the folder I made 7 sub-folders. Under each folder I uploaded about 5 audio files. After that, I then created a WordPress site and activated the Panopto plugin. The Panopto Embed Handler Looks for URLs matching a Panopto session, and switches them out for the standard Panopto embed code.The files are for Russian language school but they are also open to the public. Initially I had problems with settings to make sure the site was accessible to everyone. While in the Panopto folder I made the accessibility public, on the WordPress site, I forgot to do the same settings. After I allowed search engines to index the site, that issue was solved. I also had to clear some unnecessary information on the site to make sure that it was clean and only show the important information. Finally, I included a few tips on how to use the site.

To learn more about wiki information for Panopto at Middlebury click here 



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