Fayza: First Year Seminar Website

My first project as a Digital Media Tutor was assigned over summer in June of 2017.  This WordPress website was created for Professor Tom Beyer’s first year seminar.  The seminar is based on Dan’s Brown novel Origin and serves as a place where Beyer’s first year students provide a chapter by chapter analysis of the book throughout the duration of the course.

The website features Dan Brown’s social media accounts such as Facebook and Twitter down the sidebar so site visitors can get real time updates from the author about the novel’s release on October 3, 2017.  This was done using Plug-ins provided by WordPress.  Professor Beyer publishes the website’s main content himself.  Through the use of WordPress widgets I was able to isolate Beyer’s work from his students’ posts.  When creating this website, we kept in mind that students would be uploading/writing posts weekly and adding them to the chapter pages.  To make this process as simple as possible, a separate page was created for each chapter of the novel so rather than creating new posts and categorizing them, students can click on the chapter and edit the page to add information.

This was my the first official website I created as a digital media tutor and it took approximately 3 weeks to complete. I liked that this was a complex website with many layers of functionality.  This project really helped me develop expertise in using WordPress for website development.

– written by Fayza Rahman ‘20.5

In the fall of 2017 this article was written about a culminating experience with the current cohort of FYSE students.

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