Cornerstone Student Bar Logo

I worked closely with Cornerstone Founder Graham Shaw ’16 to develop this logo and branding effort for the new student-run bar downtown at the site of the old 51 Main at the bridge.  Aside from being clunky, the old brand of ’51 main’ had little sticking power and did not associate strongly with either a sense of space or purpose.  Graham wanted an identity which would invite students to relax in a sophisticated and warm atmosphere.  He understood that Cornerstone would be more than just an entrepreneurial endeavor.  At its core, Cornerstone is part of a larger vision to stimulate the Middlebury social environment by providing different kinds of spaces for relaxing after a long week.  The name and Logo of Cornerstone play on this central tenant as an anchor of the new Middlebury social scene and project an ambiance of mature mixology.

Cornerstone Logo-10