Influence of Florence

spanishDuring a Question and Answer session, Dan Brown saysGreekTHUMB2

“No city on earth isSloveneTHUMB2 more closely tied to Dante Alighieri. Dante grew up in Florence, fell in love in Florence, and began writing in Florence. Later in life, when he was exiled for political reasons, the longing he felt for his beloved Florence became a catalyst for The Divine Comedy.” (Brown)

englishinferno_coverIt is to those who betrayed him and exiled from Florence CzechInfernoTHUMB2that Dante gave the most severe punishments in his poem, Inferno. For Dante, exile from Florence was a form of punishment worse than death.  The exile stripped him of part of his identity and his heritage.MacedoniaTHUMB21

dutch_inferno_coverRESIZE2Due to how important Florence was to Dante, every single book cover of Inferno has a landscape of Florence.

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