Inequity in Higher Education: a wicked problem for liberal arts institutions

Photo by Bryan Alexander

Presenter: Bryan Alexander, futurist, researcher, writer, speaker, consultant, and teacher, working in the field of how technology transforms education

January 12, 11:00 – 12:00, CTLR, lunch will be provided

Our session will explore the growing problem of inequality within higher education while considering the role of liberal arts institutions.  We begin by situating academia within the broader context of widening national economic inequality, its impact on K-12 and college prep, and the growing impact of technology on labor.  Next we consider changes within higher education institutions, including differential academic achievement outcomes by socio-economic status and gaps between institutional types and scales.

We consider the role of traditional liberal arts institutions and the extent to which we contribute to, or, conversely, mitigate inequality.

About the series

Hector Villa's Freshman seminar met in a new Library seminar room.

Hector Villa’s Freshman seminar met in a new Library seminar room.

The Center for Teaching, Learning & Research presents its annual series with a selection of roundtable discussions and workshops that explore intentional teaching and learning practices. The program includes presentations and conversations to inspire, challenge, and educate Middlebury faculty, staff, and students, through topics such as creating community in the classroom, intentional curricular design, inclusive pedagogy, universal design, and contemplative practice.