Beyond the Academy: Writing Your Book for a Wider Audience

Beyond the Academy: Writing Your Book for a Wider Audience

Friday April 14th, 2017 – CTLR Lounge

Lunch will be available at 12:00. Please sign up here.  Conversation will begin at 12:15 and last until around 1:30. Individual consultations will follow until 3:00.

What key elements of nonfiction prose make it so different from academic prose? What are the boundaries between the two? What makes “creative nonfiction” creative, anyway? Does telling a story really influence perception? John Barstow will guide a discussion around these and other questions, and ask you to fully participate for a lively and edifying conversation.

We aim for you to learn whether you want to bring additional narrative voice to your prose, making it more compelling, persuasive, and memorable. Do your field and topic lend themselves to such treatment? Are you already writing lively prose, but could use some advice and direction along the way?

This session will consist of a discussion from 12 – 1:30 in the CTLR Lounge followed by several 15 minute individual consultations that you can sign up for on the registration page of this site.

About John Barstow

A career nonfiction book and magazine editor, in his early career John worked for several national magazines, including Fly Fisherman, Blair & Ketchum’s Country Journal, Horticulture, and Harrowsmith Country Life, where he was editor in chief. He then turned to book publishing, acquiring and editing nonfiction works at Atlantic Monthly Press and W. W. Norton & Company. From 2004-2007 John was editor in chief of Chelsea Green Publishing. His consulting business, John Barstow Associates, LLC, offers editing and publishing services to authors and capacity-building and facilitation support to nonprofits.



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