A little behind, i apologize.

No lift friday, Game saturday, catch up on Sunday…

5x3x3x1x1x1 (Heaviest weight achieved that day)
Jieming 330
Andrew 295
Sam: 4 rounds, 20 reps @ 140lbs

Strict Press (5 rounds, 3 reps, heaviest weight achieved that day..)
Jieming/Andrew: 135
Sam: 105? Dont have this number.

Deadlifts (5x3x3x1x1x1)
Andrew: 375
Jieming: 370
Sam: 285
Nick: 335

Three man big tire flip, two laps of the field with a burpee when not flipping,
Sam Andrew and Nick
Solo medium tire flip for time, ten burpees at the far end of the field then back:
Jieming, 5 minutes 28 seconds.


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