A little behind, i apologize.

No lift friday, Game saturday, catch up on Sunday…

5x3x3x1x1x1 (Heaviest weight achieved that day)
Jieming 330
Andrew 295
Sam: 4 rounds, 20 reps @ 140lbs

Strict Press (5 rounds, 3 reps, heaviest weight achieved that day..)
Jieming/Andrew: 135
Sam: 105? Dont have this number.

Deadlifts (5x3x3x1x1x1)
Andrew: 375
Jieming: 370
Sam: 285
Nick: 335

Three man big tire flip, two laps of the field with a burpee when not flipping,
Sam Andrew and Nick
Solo medium tire flip for time, ten burpees at the far end of the field then back:
Jieming, 5 minutes 28 seconds.

Metcon day;
Filthy Fifty/ Dirty Thirtyfive (With.. er, modifications)

50/35 reps of
Box jumps
Jumping pullups
Airsquats w/ 20/25lb dumbell
Kettlebell/dumbell swings, 20/25 lbs
70 situps
40lb dumbell pushpress
walking lunges w/ one 20lb dumbell
20lb SDLHP

Nick: 35
Sam: 35
Andrew: 50 – ankle twist – sub pushups for burpees, no walking lunges.

Done as fast as possible, still no stopwatch. Everyone was under 30 min.


Deadlifts 5 sets of 5 reps

Jieming: 295
Sam H: 185
Nick: 265
Andrew: 320
Calves: 175
Sam: 111

nice job new guys- once you’ve got the form down the weight will fly up. Week 2er’s- impressive jump in weight for everyone.

Metcon: The Pyramid
400 m run
10 pushups
20 situps
30 airsquats
40 burpees
30 airsquats
20 situps
10 pushups
400 m run.


Jieming: 275×3 for 5 rounds. Too easy!
Andrew+ Nick: 275×2 rounds, 240×3 rounds.
Jieming is a beast.

Then, Metcon:
three rounds for time of
10 KTE
20 pushups
30 situps

Jieming and Andrew around 7:30
Nick around 10:15



Push Press, again, hypothetically five rounds of three reps, but in fact more locating a baseline from which to work off of in the coming weeks.

Jieming: 125
Andrew: 140
Sam: 115
Nick: 125

2 people rowed 500 meters as fast as they could while the other pair box-jumped, then they switched.
Wanted it nice and light for game-day tomorrow.

Bench today,
Hypothetically, 3 rounds 5 reps, in fact more finding a baseline for some of us to work off of.

Sam: 165
Nick: 155
Jieming: 195
Dennis: 175
Luke: 135
Andrew: 225

Then, 3 rounds for time of
25 Dumbell swings
25 crunches
25 airsquats

… A little too easy.

In the weight room @ 6:50

This will be an AMRAP 20.


Practice – 4:00 pm

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