The Craft Corner currently has:

For writing/drawing/creating on-
-Poster paper (green, light blue,red)
-Blank cards and envelopes
-Construction paper
-Scratch/rainbow sheets and frames (lots of shapes!)
-Papier-Mache boxes
-Wooden frames
-Wooden treasure boxes
-Foam door signs
-Water color paper

For writing/drawing with-
-Colored pencils
-Washable paints and paintbrushes
-Fabric paints
-Water color paints
-Oil pastels
-Glitter glue pens

For making bracelets-
-Letter beads
-Beading cord

For everything else-
-Scrapbooking paper (lots of fun designs!)
-Shiny foam sheets
-Duct tape (fun designs!)
-Glue sticks
-Hot glue gun
-Mod Podge
-Tissue paper
-Pipe cleaners

Come use them during open hours! Everything is completely free!

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