In pockets across campus, students, faculty and staff are being exposed to—and seeking opportunities for—space and time for contemplative practices such as yoga and meditation. Participants universally note the physical, mental, and spiritual wellbeing that these practices offer.

Through an initial grant from the Sloan Foundation’s Work~Life Initiative, and with additional support from Optimal Health Initiative Committee & the Ad-Hoc Committee on Campus Stress (now joined together as the Wellness Committee), we are pleased to share with you a large range of contemplative practice offerings. We hope this web site serves as a clearinghouse of scheduled contemplative practice offerings (i.e. yoga classes, meditation opportunities, speakers / seminars) as a resource for interested parties.

Please see the above links for the detailed lists of offerings.

We hope these offerings provide opportunities for both the continued participation of those who already find these practices to be critical to their work / life balance, as well as to encourage new participants.