Innovative Technology for Cleaning Up

Great video from attn: showing some of the innovations that are taking place in the technology space for fighting climate change:

  • Cool Pavement – painting roads a light color reflects sunlight back into space, reducing the heat-island effect. This is the same principle as a white roof / green roof.
  • Mister Trash Wheel – automated boat that picks up trash in the Baltimore harbor.
  • Seabin Project – Floating Vacuum sucks up trash, debris, oil and other particulate matter in order to purify the water. Apparently clams and oysters can do the same for purifying water.
  • Carbon Dioxide capture for indoor agriculture growth – it’s unclear what the net impact on carbon emissions is from this technology, but it does go to show the level of technology required in order to remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Unless, of course, we just let forests do their job.

These inventions give us hope for the planet in 2018.

These inventions give us hope for the planet in 2018.

Posted by ATTN: on Sunday, December 31, 2017

Graham Majorhart is the co-founder of Carby Box, the first way to become carbon neutral through

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