lost syllabus? here’s another…

want to talk? Let’s meet! If you have questions, concerns, suggestions, etc, the best way to discuss them is in a face-to-face conversation during my office hours (or at an alternative time determined together). Email is great for lots of simple things (see below), but it is not the best medium for discussing most questions about work or difficulties you might be experiencing. Make an appointment, and we can talk.

email: lowensATmiddlebury

office: munroe 207

phone: don’t bother! i don’t like phones and never answer my phone.

Email: check it, because sometimes things change quickly and the best way for me to let you know is over email. (obviously, check the website, too, but since you are already doing that, i assume you know that one.) The class has its own email address ( I will use it to update you on various happenings, as well as pointing out the occasional interesting bit of news related to the class. You should also feel free to use the list for similar purposes, although being respectful of not overloading people’s email with too many messages (something I also intend to respect, although I often forget.)

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