Reading due Dec. 2:

Malamud, Margaret. ‘The Greatest Show on Earth: Roman Entertainments in Turn-of-the-Century New York City.’ The Journal of Popular Culture 35.3 (2001): 43-58.

Reading due Monday, Nov. 24:

Joshua Gamson, Freaks Talk Back 3-42.

J. Dee Hill, Freaks and Fire: The Underground Reinvention of Circus’, 11-15, 145-55.

Reading due Wednesday, Nov. 20:

Janet Davis, ‘From King of Beasts to Clowns in Drag’, from The Circus Age, 142-191.

Reading due Monday, Nov. 18:

***This reading seems a little longer than usual, but there are more images/pictures/photos than usual! Please read both documents that appear below.

Janet Davis, ‘Respectable Female Nudity’ from The Circus Age, 82-140.

Janet Davis, ‘Respectable Female Nudity’, from The Circus Age, 141.

Reading due Nov. 11:

Janet Davis ‘Spectacular Labor’, from The Circus Age’, 37-81.

Reading due Nov. 6:

Janet Davis, ‘Circus Day’/’The Circus as a Historical and Cultural Process’, from The Circus Age, 1-36.

Reading due Oct. 29:

As you are reading, consider how Fagan’s distinctions between ingroups and outgroups would be applicable to this reading.

Futrell, ‘Christians and the arena’, from The Roman Games.

Reading due Oct. 23:

Please read Chapter 4 (‘Crowd dynamics at arena spectacles’) from Fagan’s The Lure of the Arena. As you are reading you will notice that primary sources are referenced in parenthesis. For example, on the second page of the reading you will see (August. Conf. 6.13 = T.3). The T refers to ‘testimonia’, which is the primary source evidence. The second reading consists of the testimonia for this chapter. Please refer to this reading when you encounter ‘T’ in the chapter. I have bracketed all of the testimonia that are referenced in Chapter 4. The original Latin/Greek is given first, followed by the English translation. Please read the English.

Fagan, ‘Crowd dynamics at arena spectacles’, 121-54.

Fagan ‘Testimonia’.

Reading due Oct. 14:

****please read pages 1-42. The reading appears in the following two documents. The first is pages 1-31, the second is pages 21-51. You only need to read pages 1-42!

Alison Futrell, ‘The Politics of the Arena’, from The Roman Games, pages 1-31.

Alison Futrell, ‘The Politics of the Arena’, from The Roman Games, pages 32-51.

Reading due Oct. 9:

Catharine Edwards, ‘Unspeakable Professions: Public Performance and Prostitution in Ancient Rome’, Roman Sexualities, ed. by Judith P. Hallett and Marilyn B. Skinner, 66-90.

Reading due Oct. 7:

Tim Madigan and Tim Delaney, Sports Fans, from Sports: Why People Love Them! pages 154-63.

Hazel Dodge, ‘The Circus and Chriot Racing’ from Spectacle in the Roman World’ 16-26.

Fik Meijer, ‘The Spectators’ from Chariot Racing in the Roman Empire, pages 96-127.

Reading due Oct. 2:

Fiz Meijer, Chariot Racing In the Roman Empire, 1-31.

Reading due 25 Sept:

Dunkle, ‘Gladiator Games in Action’, 118-152. (Start at ‘Female Gladiators’)

Reading due 23 Sept:

Gladiators, part one: Dunkle, ‘Recruitment and Training of Gladiators’, 30-65.

Reading due 16 Sept:

Fagan, ‘A Catalog of Cruelty: punishment/medieval public executions and the “good death”/combat sports and bloodsports’, The Lure of the Arena, 49-79.

Reading due 11 Sept:

Kyle Chapter Donald G. Kyle, ‘The Phenomenon: The Development and Diversity of Roman Spectacles of Death’, Spectacles of Death in Ancient Rome, 34-55.

Reading due 9 Sept:

Mahoney, ‘Origins and Foundations’, 1-10.

Here are some questions to respond to: reading questions. Since many of you will not have access to email over the weekend, you do not need to email me your responses. I will not be collecting them, so you are welcome to simply take notes or respond in bullet form.


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