daily comment questions, due Wednesday, December 4.

circus maximus final assignment! due Friday, December 13, 11.59 pm.

Clowning Around (due by 11.59 pm, Sunday, Nov. 24: clowning

PBS ‘Circus’ Episode 1 prompts, due in class Wednesday, November 13: circus PBS prompt

Here is information concerning assignment 3 (rough draft due in class Nov. 4/final draft due Nov. 8, 11.59 pm): assignment 3

Here is information concerning assignment 3 prep (due Oct. 30): Assignment 3 prep

Here is the information about your next assignment, rough draft due Oct. 16, final draft due Oct. 20: assignment 2

Here is the prep. assignment, due Oct. 11, 11.59 pm: assignment 2 prep

Discussion Day Guidelines: how to lead the class!

Discussion Days!

Here is a list of the days for which you all will be responsible for leading discussions in class: discussion days

You may want to look at the syllabus to see what topics we’ll be covering on these days!


Here is a guide for citing primary sources: how to cite primary sources


Below are some useful links for citing. Please use MLA.

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