work responsibilities

Summer Vacations

Summer at Circ is both a busy time and a time that most of us squeeze in some well deserved vacation time.
Thanks for covering for each other and for jumping in where and when needed.
We all take great care to make sure that desk coverage and work responsibilities are covered in our absences, but if you notice any critical gaps please let me know.
Please double check that your schedules are up to date on Outlook, that out of office directs email correspondence to others for urgent issues, and as a courtesy to those of us at work – press the divert button on your phone as you head out. 🙂
Currently Rich is out – please be available to help the Stacks student employee with any questions that may arise in his absence and keep an eye on the back book drop at Main, film/fiche problems (Helpdesk can provide tech support), courier runs, re-shelving areas, need for book sweeps etc.
In addition, ILL staff absences may mean that we take on a larger share of NExpress processing – see previous post below.