Student Training sessions

Please join us at one of these mandatory training sessions. We will deal with customer service primarily, but will probably throw in a few circ tidbits, as well. If you can’t make either session, please make up a good excuse and let your supervisor know.

Tuesday January 11th 1:30-3:00 in LIB 201
Friday January 14th 1:30-3:00 in LIB 201

Closings at Armstrong

Over the last few days  I’ve  noticed while opening that several closing procedures are not being taken care of.    I realize it’s been busy, but we need to be utilizing the 3 hours of the closing shifts better.    Below are a few reminders on closing items that are not being done!                    

  • shutting off all copiers in the copier alcove.
  • During the three hour closing shift students need to take turns sweeping the library.  I’m finding un-shelved books each morning I open.
  • pick up items left on carrels, and around the library. 
  • put paper in the printers!
  • shelve everything that needs shelving.