SciFinder Scholar – How to create an account

Hi Armstrong Students,

It’s SciFinder season!  Chem  students just received training in SciFinder Scholar, and to use it they’ll need to create their own account.  Here’s what to tell them when (not “if” but “when”!) they ask:

  1. Go to the Chemistry Research Guide (go/chemguide).
  2. In the “SciFinder Scholar” description, look for the link to “create an account.”
  3. After the student has an account, s/he will use the “SciFinder Scholar” link to log in and do research.

SciFinder Scholar moving to web-only

In case you receive any questions in the next few weeks about SciFinder Scholar:

Our access to the client version of SciFinder Scholar ends on May 8.  After that, the SciFinder application that is loaded on library (and other) computers won’t work.  We’ll only have access to the web version.  To use SciFinder web, each person must create an individual account.  Continue reading