Departmental Procedures and Policies

No more recalls on browsing books

After some feedback from patrons, I have changed the loan rule on Browsing books to not allow recalls. You can still place a hold, but the original patron will still have the full 28 days to return the item. The hold will prevent renewals, as always.

Changes in P&P

See the message from Joseph below. The main change is that what is currently the P&P repairs shelf will become the “In Process” shelf and contain both items that need to be relabeled/repaired/rebound AND items that need to be re-cataloged. Hopefully, signage will be clear at circ.


From Joseph:
“I wanted to let you know that we’ve done some staff reorganization in Collection Services (CS) and starting Monday, Marlena Evans will be in charge of the Materials Processing Unit instead of me. She’ll supervise the student Processing Assistants, monitor the flow of materials through the unit, make sure new media materials are repackaged as needed, etc. I’ll continue to manage our preservation and binding program, supervise Ginny the Binding and Conservation Technician, and will be working more and more in Special Collections.

We’ve also made some adjustments in the way we would like to receive items from Circulation Services when they need to be recataloged, reprocessed, or repaired. From now on, please mark all items you’re sending down to Collection Services as in process, not “in repair” as you have routinely been doing. To remember this change, just think about the fact that the items are “in process” when you get them from CS, and when you send them back to CS you should return them to the “in process” status. Please put everything on the old oak cart in 134. Ginny will sort the items and forward things as needed to Marlena. This actually simplifies the process for Circ since you won’t need to think about which items go to which work group. As always, notes with the item like “label wrong”, “case broken”, “to oversize” are very helpful and much appreciated, whether they’re on a P&P slip or a post-it note.”

Students borrowing conference phones

In the past few weeks Telephone services has received urgent calls from students who have borrowed a speakerphone to place a toll call. Unfortunately, they don’t have a TAC to do so. Students do not receive toll, long distance access at the college. So, for these special purposes, whomever is arranging the loan should let the student know that:

• they may use the phone to place a toll-free call
• receive incoming calls
• use a calling card
• or receive a TAC from the faculty member they’re working with.

Microfilm machine documentation

With thanks to Rachel…

The basic training materials for the new Microform scanning machines are now available on-line.

go/Microform – Quick guide for using the new Microform Scanners and software

   go/microfiche – Quick guide for using the new Microform Scanners and software

   go/microfilm – Quick guide for using the new Microform Scanners and software

I also created a wiki page here.

Harman Reading Room display procedures

We have been asked to turn on and off the display in the Harman Reading room each morning and night. I have updated the wiki pages for opening and closing, but here is the procedure:


Turn the lights on/off for the statue itself using the switch on the right side of the base.

To Start display using the TV remote:
Power on (green button upper right)
Press HOME button (blue)
Scroll down to video and hit center button shaped like four rays of light
Wait until Maya video icon appears at top of screen and then push center button again

Video will play and loop. Adjust volume with remote volume control if necessary.

To Stop display simply turn the TV off using the top button on the side of the TV itself. You don’t need the remote to stop the display. The volume may also be adjusted on the side.

The remote will be kept in the key drawer (and these instructions are also connected to said remote), unless someone has a more brilliant idea.

Kindle Fires

We now (well, by the end of today) have 2 Kindle Fires for use. Both are available to faculty and staff and one is available to students. They will circulate for 14 days. Faculty and staff may renew once ; students may not renew. Students – please place returned Kindles on the red cart like any other piece of equipment. Staff – please follow the instructions found here.

DVD repair machine

Since we are not using it as much lately, the DVD repair machine will need to have the solution prepped and reversed before and after use. If this isn’t done, the solution clogs the tube and results in the mess you see here. If you are not sure how to prep or reverse the solution, let me know, or consult the directions next to the machine.

Equitrac copy card refunds

If anyone comes to the circ desk asking for a refund for money stored on their Equitrac copy card, here is the procedure:

A circ staff member will read the Equitrac card, note the amount of money left on it, as well as the user’s name and ID number, and send an e-mail with that information to the helpdesk for a refund. The helpdesk will apply the refund when they are able (we will advertise within a week, but generally these are done within a day or two). The cards can be thrown out once the email has been sent to the Helpdesk.

Guest Equitrac refunds will be the same process. If a guest does not have a PaperCut account, they’ll have to open one in order to get a refund. This will involve buying a Papercut card at the Cafe. Understandably, some people might be upset by the fact that they have to buy something in order to get a refund, but this is the option that is place.

We will offer refunds through November 1st, 2011. The reader for the Equitrac cards (to see the amount left on the card) will be installed sometime this week. This will only take place at Davis – please refer anyone at Armstrong looking for a refund to the Davis circ desk.

Printing NExpress Slips.

We now have a dedicated printer, stocked constantly with blue paper, for printing the NExpress pull slips.  It’s Lib250blue!

To add this printer to your computer, use the ‘start’ menu on your computer, select ‘Run’ and open:  ‘\\bombay\lib250blue’ 

When printing NExpress slips just select this printer from the list of possible printers.  After you have printed the NExpress pull slips you will need to collect the slips from the tower printer in Lib250c, the ILL work area behind the Circulation desk.