Collection issues @ the circ desk

Hi everyone

I wanted to ask staff who deal frequently with patrons (circ/reserves/ILL) that if you are placed in the uncomfortable position of telling faculty (or others) that our policies don’t allow us to do “something” (e.g., purchase textbooks, multiple copies, multiple formats (e- and print), etc.), and you get pushback about this, to please feel free to refer the patron to me, or you can just give me a call yourself at x5045.

There are several reasons for this: sometimes we do make exceptions, and I don’t want you folks to be caught in the role of “nay-sayer,” only to be overruled later by me or someone else.  Also, it is helpful for me to know where the pressure points are, and where our existing policies might be causing stress or distress.  Knowing about these types of issues can spur us to revisit and rethink policies that may be proving to be more of a hindrance than a benefit.  So keep me in the loop!



ID required for checking out materials from all libraries

A reminder to our circulation students that IDs are required to check out items from the Library.   Iniatially  you will  get a few patrons who are not happy with this.    If you find someone upset or questioning this policy, you can remind them that it actually helps to guarantee items are being checked out to the correct patron.   Also feel free to allow someone an exception once, but remind them to bring their card the next time.   I also find it helpful to quickly double check as you swipe the card that the name on the screen matches the ID.       

From the LIS policies  “A valid Middlebury College ID is required to transact library business. Library privileges are extended to faculty, students, alumni and staff of the Middlebury College community and to guest borrowers by application”.  

Please feel free to talk with any supervisor if you have any questions.