Updating the student calendar in Outlook

If you are the supervisor and there is Davis student schedule activity, please update the student calendar to reflect the changes.
NOTE: The calendar is in the Public Folders, LIS -> Circulation Services -> Davis Family Library…
1. Delete the existing appointment (one appointment only, not the recurring series)
2. Create a new appointment (i.e. ??? for Todd, Dan for Kim, etc.) in the same time block. If it is as yet unfilled, categorize RED. If filled, categorize GREEN.
3. Please copy Kim on any correspondence regarding the student schedule for Davis.

Summer Schedules

Summer means even more schedule changes as we add the Davison Desk to our busy schedules.
Please pay careful attention to schedules on Outlook.
The Davison Desk schedule is a separate Outlook schedule (not integrated with the Circ Outlook schedule) so it is critical that you view the Davison Desk schedule in addition to your personal and Circ Outlook schedules when evaluating coverage and staffing gaps.
Circ staff who are scheduled at Davison MUST ensure that their regular responsibilities are covered in their absence. It is the responsibility of each staff member to know their schedule and to arrange for coverage as needed. As always – many eyes help avoid schedule problems – so please alert each other to any errors and schedule gaps.
Helpful tip #1 – add the Davison schedule to your favorites so that you can easily display your personal, Circ and Davison schedules side by side for viewing.
Helpful tip #2 – copy your schedule “appointments” from shared schedules to your personal schedule

Let me know if you have any questions about scheduling in general.
For questions specific to the Davison schedule, contact Dan and Kellam.