Meeting Notes

Circ meeting 9-26-12

*Getting students paid has been a trial
*New plotter at Armstrong next month
*Very smooth start-up for Fall, terrific carrel day, reserves work has been great
*new microfilm machines will be great, computers will be upgraded hopefully in October

*Dan confirmed that circsup initials ARE required to override the block on student computers
*Dan will look into: settings to display the penalty points, visual indication of block, ability to manually adjust, recalled NExpress items
*Once in place, we will send an initial overdue notice indicating penalty points, then a billing notice after x amount of time. (One week?)

*Down one with Mark gone, Kim leaving in May
*Post soon to hire two new ones
*Dan will check with HR about hiring existing students

*We are hoping to start using these on outgoing NExpress.
*Rachel will figure out a workflow with Armstrong on how to manage those.

Summer, 2012: What went well and what didn’t (or: “Nothing is our fault”)

From the student meeting on 8/23:

– The library is too cold
– People took the language too seriously at the desk, were afraid to get help in English
– Short on iPads, but not on other equipment
Lots of printing issues, especially after 10 pm (when the Helpdesk was closed), with lots of explaining the printing procedure.
– Signage (directional) in the library could be improved
– The new language specific displays did not affect ILL searching and were seen as a positive improvement all around.
– The lab in Armstrong 161 was booked through other channels (not Armstrong staff) and luckily there were no double bookings
– People had trouble finding the language reference books
– No serious gaps in training
– Very limited dining options for the circ students
– Can the CD’d be browseable?
– A few patrons asked for a higher limit on DVD checkouts (currently 3)

From the staff meeting on 8/29

– No Helpdesk staff from 7:30-8 am. Any printing issues (and there were many) required circ staff to leave the circ desk unnattended
– Book sorting after check-in was not as accurate as it is during the academic year
– Some language students preferred to buy guest print cards than go onto Papercut and money online.
– Some faculty still wanted equipment all summer, but this trend was MUCH better than in years past.
– Todd will hand out carrel policy slips with carrel keys to avoid non-checked out books being stored in carrels.
Lots of user education about printing, and not just at the beginning of the session. Printers breaking down, jamming, patrons not sure where they had printed. Single biggest issue of the summer.
– Great students at Armstrong, with lots of projects completed
– Summer symposium went very well
– New science librarian!
– Great ILL students
– one change in a screening location resulted in confusion, but in general screenings went very smoothly
– 5-7 pm saw the most reference questions (librarians on break)
– some loud conversations in LIB 242 had to be shushed.
– Language cheat sheets from Joy were very helpful
– will be asking students not to use headphones or personal laptops at the circ desk (Dan will update the wiki)

Recommendations or possible solutions: (Dan will share with appropriate parties)
– HD staffed when library opens?
– better documentation, signage, tutorials, staffing to support printing (HD student camped out in 242? Tutorial videos on go/printing?)
– Move Language ref to a more prominent location for the summer?
– Clarify who books Armstrong 161 for the summer
– Wear a sweater

Meeting minutes, 6-27-2012

Mike Roy joined us and we discussed our work on goals, and how goals are being crafted this year from the bottom up, as opposed to AD’s down, as in years past. We had a discussion about ways to get things back that are overdue, especially reserves. And we reiterated that aside from that, we are still the happiest workgroup in LIS.

Joseph Watson joined us for a brief discussion of water-damaged (or even just wet) books being returned at circ and what to do with them. Also, how to train our students to handle them. Options mentioned were a poster at the check-in computer and adding it to our training checklist. The discussion moved to damaged books, and whether or not it was worth training students to inspect books more carefully on check-in. Since Ginny is scanning the reshelving areas periodically and pulling damaged books, we agreed that this may not be worth student training time.

Circ meeting minutes 1-25-2012

Present: Shawn, Todd, Kim, Nancy, Kellam, Janine, Rachel

Brief discussion of performance evaluations

Reminder that Mike and Tim will be at the meeting on Monday – come prepared to talk.

– Janine raised an issue with a printer delaying print jobs – will follow up with the Helpdesk
– Dan will ask Carol the status of new print cards
– Todd hired 3 new students, Kim hired 6, Shawn hired 3
– Book covers will now stay in Collection Management, except for display books
– Dan will check with Carrie about the status of the Science Librarian search committee
– Kellam updated on the new ADA office reserve policies. She will update the wiki once those are finalized
– Dan will talk to Joseph about a movie/CD shelf for the circ desk (browsing CDs, movie of the week) and also a possible hanging sign identifying the circ desk

General agreement that we should try it. Dan will make up some stuff and present to everyone. Dan will also look into an automatic block that will remain in place until the patron speaks with a supervisor. Stay tuned.

Circ meeting minutes 9-7-11

Sorry for the delay…

Updates around the table

– Thesis carrels – Tuesday, Sept. 20th
– only 4 student shifts left open at Armstrong
– ALL students must stay under 20 hours per week when classes are in session
– Reserves media – shelve in call number order – ignore colors – DO NOT LOCK cases
– Lexa will watch the desk during the student training meeting on 9/22
– Dan will get another locker for the counter AFTER check-in for DVDs
– We will be using carrel slips for items that are to be kept in carrels – Todd will provide next week
– Morgan is training Kate, who will take over when Morgan leaves
– Rachel will make some ILL business cards that we can hand out at the circ desk
– Remember that you can always ask Dan for music ref questions, or help finding music stuff
– If there are issues with the Google calendar for students, talk to Kim or Chris Norris
– New signs for DVDs are up (thanks Todd and Janine!)

Circulation meeting minutes

April 27, 2011
Circulation Services Meeting minutes
Present: Shawn, Todd, Rachel, Dan, Nancy, Janine, Kellam (minutes)


Shawn: a techy kind of week at Armstrong; troubleshooting printers.computers. Possibility of converting the color copier to a color printer? Will follow up with Peggy. Armstrong set with summer student schedule, might have one extra student (please send him/her to Davis!)

Todd: could use help with shelving; students and subs are welcome to extra hours. Reminder to wipe fac/staff laptops upon return; finding some that haven’t been cleaned.

Rachel: microfilm machines repaired (all but one). Working on turning on renewals via Illiad. Will work on courtesy notices with Dan. ILL has summer student hires taken care of.

Dan: 24/7 Costco shopping, Also, Senior event for grads — Kim and Janine will coordinate once Kim returns from vacation

Nancy: just busy!

Janine: great IUG conference in SF. Please see her blog post for more info. Webcam is broken — not repairable, just replace. Four new Canon cameras coming in soon.

Kellam: BL and LS reserve processing; shifting reserve collection