Language Schools

LS Resources – Training Highlights

Thanks for presenting, Joy!

From Joy Pile:
The two FAQs for language school are:
Where are the dictionaries for x language?
Is there a list of videos in x language?.

1. Dictionaries are in both the stacks which can be borrowed, and in the reference collection. There is a hard copy of the basic LC call numbers for dictionaries in each language at both the Info Desk and at the Circ Desk. The reference collection is housed on the shelves in the middle section of the main floor, many of the circulating copies of dictionaries are in the shelves on the left hand side of the main floor.
2. There is a quick link to a MIDCAT search that pulls up a video listing in each of the language subject guides. To find the subject guides, type: go/subjectguides in the browser address line. Click on the appropriate language. The link appears on the right hand side within the information in the blue box. (Below my picture, but above the Meebo widget)
3. There is also a link for a CD search in the subject guides.
4. There are also colored paper guides for each language with basic information about locating items in the collection. There is a copy of each at Circ – but there are take away copies, as well as floor plan maps at the info desk.
5. A librarian staffs the info desk from 1-5pm every afternoon (Sunday-Saturday), evenings Sunday-Thursday. Please refer any detailed questions about finding resources to them.
6. To reach a librarian during other hours, suggest that they use MOSIO – a new question answering service using text messaging that we’ve instituted. Tell them to dial 6674, and start the question with midd and simply text it. They can even text us in the language they’re studying. We may answer in English, but among the staff we can read most of the languages taught here.
7. There are language school buttons denoting the languages you speak at the Circ desk – please feel free to use them. Maintain and share your own proficiency in a language you are studying or are a native speaker in.
8. Should you have or receive further questions, I can be reached at x5140 or by e-mail

9-week Language Schools begin Fri 6/12

The Language Schools summer session started on 6/5 in Mills California and will officially begin on the Middlebury campus tomorrow 6/12, with the arrival of the 9-week Language Schools.

A few reminders:

Full summer hours resume at Main on Fri 6/12, and at Music and Armstrong on Monday 6/15.

Midd ID’s are required to borrow.
Midd ID’s are often not issued to LS students, staff and faculty right away. A photo ID (license or passport) can be substituted if necessary to allow borrowing. NOTE! Be sure to double check that you are in the right borrower record – verify that first and last name match exactly what is listed on the photo ID.

Please respect the Language Pledge in all aspects of your front desk work. If the you speak the language of the person you are assisting, please feel free to use that in your interactions. English is allowed to transact business, but please minimize any casual visiting in English.
The Language Pledge is a formal commitment on the part of all LS students to speak, listen, read, and write the language of study as the only means of communication for the session.

Many thanks for all your great help.

Reminder re: loan periods for equipment during Language School

Summer is a busy time for equipment borrowing. This is a reminder that our standard, short-term loan periods will need to be adhered to during the summer. LS students, faculty, and staff may inquire about borrowing equipment for a long loan period. Please tell them that our Circulation Desk equipment is in high demand, and that we cannot extend loans beyond the standard loan period. We are always happy to renew equipment as supply allows.

Please ask for the help and guidance of a supervisor if you’re ever unsure of how to handle a long-term loan request.

LS@Mills – New Pick-up Location

Please note a new pick up location for our Language Schools at Mills College in California when paging requests.
Here is a summary of the workflow:
1. Patron logs in to Midcat at Mills, places a request to be picked up in California
2. Paging slip is generated here and sorted by Main Circ.
3. Item is retrieved
4. Item is checked in, which will generate a new hold pickup notification telling the patron that the item is on the way and may be picked up at Mills Circ when they are notified by Mills’ system.
5. If item is not available, a standard cancellation notice will be generated (refer to Circ supervisor to cancel request if not found)
6. Place item on Cataloging shelf @ Circ
7. Item will go to Collections Management, where it will be processed for Mills in the regular manner, then shipped out by ILL.

Summer Carrels and Lockers

It’s that time of year again, when summer students and faculty are asking about carrel and locker space in the library for the duration of the summer. Here’s a quick refresher of our guidelines.

Lockers are available to anyone associated with the College: LS and BLSE students & faculty, and academic-year students, faculty & staff. Local guest borrowers are not allowed to check out lockers. Lockers are checked out for 28 days and may be renewed in person at the Circ Desk, or online through My Midcat. Lockers are available now. Please remind patrons they should use orange due date slips on all library materials they plan to keep in their locker.

Carrels 1-68, or all the carrels on the upper floor and upper mezzanine on the side of the building which faces Axinn, are available, as are all carrels on the lower level (#s 250-273). We will begin loanging them out starting Friday June 12th, to anyone associated with the College. Guest borrowers are not eligible. Carrel keys are checked out until the end of LS or BLSE for those patrons (August 14 and August 8, respectively), and until August 31 for all academic-year patrons. Please remind patrons they should use orange due date slips on all library materials they plan to keep in their carrel.

The carrel rooms (70-227) will be set aside for individual Language Schools to use, as communal spaces for each School so that the Language Pledge can be maintained, but students can work together. The keys to these carrels are not to be checked out to anyone, as the rooms are to be an open space for each School.

All carrels on the Lower Level (250-273) are used as open study carrels for any patron, whether associated with the College or not, and their keys are also not to be checked out.

A carrel map for carrels 1-68 is located on my desk at Circ, to give to patrons to help them decide what carrel they’d like to check out. Please X out a carrel number when you check out the corresponding key. Any questions, ask me or any supervisor. Also if any patron has questions or concerns, please refer them to me. Thanks!