LD player

Laser Disc Player Locations

You can search for classroom schedules on the College Master Location Schedule (go/mls). If you click on the room itself, you will see a list of classroom equipment and other features.
In addition to general questions about classroom viewing equipment, one question that has come up several times recently is the location of Laser Disc players on campus. LD is not a preferred format for viewing films, but it is sometimes the only format available in a specific title. Here is a list of classrooms with LD players that may be useful. Please verify by checking specific rooms on go/mls.
Main Library Viewing Areas – Carrels 33, 35, 36, 37, 38
Main Library 240B
Sunderland – 110, Dana, IL1, IL2, IL3
Wright Theatre Seminar Room
Warner – 506, 208, 202, 203, Hemi
Ross – B11
BIH – 104, 148, 216, 219, 220, 338
FIC – CK1, FR1
Pearsons – KDR
Chateau- 107(b), 003, 109(E), 110(D)
Twilight – auditorium, 201
Breadloaf – 2
Music Library, CFA – Listening Rooms 120, 123, and 124