color printer

Color Printing

A reminder: while Main and Armstrong have color copiers, Main is the only branch with color printing. The color printer in Main is attached to only one computer, a Mac desktop located along the outside wall of the Media Lab. Users need to use that computer specifically in order to print in color. One often-used method is to email the item which needs to be printed to themselves, then open their email at that specific computer. If any of the ink cartridges are out, users should get more ink from the Helpdesk.

Ink for the Epson 2400 and paper for the HP 5500 Plotter

Subject: Quick reminder about ink for the Epson 2400 and paper for the HP 5500 Plotter

The ink for the Epson 2400 colour printer located in Carrel 28 is in the cabinet in LIB242, the Printer/Copier room on the Main Floor.

The paper rolls for the HP 5500 plotter located in the Wilson Multimedia Development Lab (LIB220) is in LIB201a, the supply closet (close to the back leaning against the wall on your right.)

Please let Mack know if you have questions.